Consignor Frequently Asked Questions

How do I save photos so they are web-ready?
Photos can be saved with any photo image editing software with the following specifications:
SIZE: 640x480 pixels or 6x4 inches
QUALITY: 7 or 8 / medium file size
Photo filenames should correspond to the lot number they belong to, ie, Lot 1 in the sale order has 3 photos. They should be saved 1.jpg, 1a.jpg, 1b.jpg. In this case, 1.jpg is usually a profile shot, 1a.jpg is a butt shot, and 1b.jpg is a shot of your choice, perhaps of progeny, full sibs, etc. Each lot can have up to 3 photos.

How do I send photos to The Wendt Group?
Photos can either be burned to a CD-R or USB key and mailed to us at
The Wendt Group Office,
Attn: BuyHereford
121 Jackson Street
Plain City, OH  43064

or they can be sent via email to
It is easier on your end to split the photos into groups of 5-10 photos attached to an email to speed up sending them. With dial-up internet access this will be a time consuming process, but much quicker for us to get them uploaded onto the auction site. In either circumstance, if you need assistance or directions on how to proceed with this, please do not hesitate to call us.

How do I fill out the Data Entry Form?
The Data Entry Form will be emailed to you upon completion of the Auction Contract with The Wendt Group, Inc. It is to be completed in Microsoft Excel. The columns are set up in the manner in which they will be uploaded onto the website, so please make sure your Notes about each lot are written to be seen by the general public. If you would like us to help you with writing or editing notes, we will be happy to do so, just let us know.

How do I send the Data Entry Form to The Wendt Group?
This form must be emailed as an attachment to as early as possible before the auction. You can just save it as dataentryform.xls and send it on to us once you have completed your Sale Order. You also have the options of using Microsoft Word or faxing the information to us at 614-789-1696.

What are my responsibilities in order for this auction to be successful?
Successful Online Auctions are dependent on both you, the Seller, and us, The Wendt Group, Inc and our staff, fulfilling our obligations to the best of our abilities. The tasks that must be done are included on the Online Auction Timeline. If you should have any questions or concerns about completing the responsibilities of the seller or feel that The Wendt Group is not holding up our end of the bargain, again, please feel free to contact us and we'll make arrangements along the way to ensure the success and confidence of the online auction method.

Who do I contact if I have questions during the auction process?
It depends on your question! For Technical Support, Pre-Auction Administration, Consignor Settlement Questions, Data Entry Corrections, and Auction Day Administration contact
Ashley Nash at

For Advertising, Fee Schedules, and Pricing and Reserves, and Auction Day Absentee Bidding contact
Dennis Schock at 903-815-2004 or